I’m Expecting a Daughter

In just over a week, my exchange student daughter will be arriving from Tajikistan.  I’ve been busy fixing up her room, buying welcome gifts and in general getting as much as I can done around the house because weekends will be taken up with day trips a lot for the next ten months.

Well, that was the plan anyway.  The last couple of days I haven’t made much progress.  I don’t know if I’m just waiting for the last-minute pressure to build up, or if I need a break in the action.  As a multitasking procrastinator (which means I can procrastinate many things at once) I fear it is the former, not the latter.  I love crossing finished projects off of the list, but the list is long and intimidating right now.

One of those projects was getting my kitchen floor repaired and replaced.  Now that the kitchen is usable again, I’ve been doing quite a bit of cooking.  I have stockpiles of leftovers ready to warm up in the microwave.  I am fully aware that preparing meals in advance is a form of procrastination, but I love standing on that new floor!

In the minutes before I needed to head to the airport to pick up my first year-long student I was trying to hang a towel bar in the bathroom.  It looked easy enough, but I was failing miserably, emphasis on the miserable.  It was hot and I was feeling rushed and excited and nervous and the parts just wouldn’t go together.  I finally gave up and went to get her.  She went to bed early that first night and I finally got that towel bar on the wall.  I ended up getting away with that one, and I hope it will serve as a reminder that it’s time to get these projects done!

Tomorrow is a new day.  I won’t have to cook.  I will act as excited about this new venture as I feel!


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