Drive, Park, Walk

The kids and I went to WalMart this afternoon. Eric was driving, so I was free to observe the behavior of other drivers. The thing that made me a little crazy is how hard it is to park a car for some. He tried to drive through the parking lot as we left, but we were stopped by huge SUVs just sitting there waiting for someone to back out. People! Just drive to an empty spot, park your car, and walk a few steps. Gas is expensive and we spent more time idling than I care to think about waiting for people who were waiting for someone to back out. I am willing to concede that some of them may have been handicapped, but certainly not all of them. The lot wasn’t even that full. It was the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon. This is a problem on so many levels, which I am not going to solve by blogging. All we can do is make sure we are not one of them, and happily get a little exercise and burn a little less gas by parking away from the store!


One thought on “Drive, Park, Walk

  1. Richard

    Ha, a close spot is always serendipidous, if it happens it happens. When we lived in Bellflower we shopped at FedCo. FedCo’s parking lot was humongous and we’d park in the furthermost lanes to avoid the crowd. Today when we get a parking spot that is a little far away we look at each other and say “If this was FedCo, we’d be close!”


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