A lot has changed since I’ve been here

I haven’t blogged for awhile.  A lot has changed on this site and I don’t know my way around in here anymore.  Hopefully I can figure it out again.  I have been getting tired of procrastinating, so I thought I’d just write something to get me going again.

Meanwhile, I might mention I finally conquered level 132 on Pyramid Solitaire Saga.  It bothers me a bit that I spent so much time on this, and that it really made me happy for a moment to accomplish it.  What does this say about my life?

I also cleaned out the refrigerator today.  My nose is a bit stuffy, so it seemed like a good way to take advantage of that.  Now it is much more obvious that we need to go grocery shopping soon.

We were making good progress on cleaning out the guest room until he got to the paper.  Paper will always slow down a good organizing project.  Now it seems we are blogging and not making progress anymore.

It seems the only way to end a good procrastination is to procrastinate something else.


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