About Brenda

Brenda Deason is a middle-aged, divorced, overweight…  No, let’s not go there.  Her readers will figure these things out before long anyway.

Brenda Deason has always loved reading and writing, and has dreamed of writing things people will enjoy reading for as long as she can remember.  She enjoys writing in the third person, but doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to do that.

She is the mother of an amazing son who doesn’t like a lot of attention.  She probably won’t write about him very much, but know that he exists, he is awesome, and she loves him very much.  The fact that he is grown up and planning to leave the nest soon is causing her to start looking for ways to fill the coming void, such as finally starting that blog.

Brenda is a Christian, and she hopes not to preach or make you feel uncomfortable.  With Jesus Christ at the center of her life, references will be unavoidable, as God speaks through his creation, and she enjoys hearing what he has to say.

Hosting exchange students is another of her passions.  Having hosted two long-term and two short-term students from former Soviet Union countries, she has discovered the joys and trials of inviting someone from another culture and religion to be a member of her family.

Living in an adobe house built in 1936 is something unique about Brenda.  It is located on a busy street in a small town, but when you are inside, you are transported to another time and place.  If you visit her, you might find she is used to this affect and is puzzled by your reaction at first.  It’s OK.  It’s an amazing house, desperately in need of repairs and maintenance she can neither afford nor prioritize.   Living in a house made of dirt makes her feel closer to nature.

The yard that goes with the house earned this comment from her beloved son when they first went to meet the real estate agent there:  “That is the ugliest house I have ever seen.  Please tell me that is not the one.”  Truth.  Once he was inside, he discovered it was also the coolest house he had ever seen.  The yard, though, has defied Brenda’s efforts to make it look nice, and she has recently decided to just start somewhere and has begun using roundup and a shovel in addition to clippers and a boy who mows the lawn occasionally.  You are sure to hear more about her baby plants.

Also living with Brenda are Rufus and Molly.  Cats who were originally brought into her home in 2009 to manage the mouse problem.  As 10-week-old kittens, they didn’t fit the names Clark and Terminex that she had planned for them, and they have grown into lazy and selfish creatures who delight in hunting.  Rufus handles the rodents, birds, frogs, and other small animals. Molly is more inclined toward spiders, moths, worms, and june bugs.  They do their job, and their personalities delight Brenda to no end.  They are the first indoor cats she has lived with, and she had no idea what she was missing.

Brenda works in a church office, and she feels that her job doesn’t belong in her blog.  Just know that she has an amazing boss and she enjoys her coworkers, and her work suits her abilities and her odd love for office machines and school supplies.

She attends a different church, Kingsburg Mennonite Brethren, where she is the librarian.  This is a new venture, and one that will challenge her, but also put her in close contact with one of her favorite things, children’s literature.  She finds that most of the books in the children’s section of the library have her name on the check-out card, and if they don’t, it’s likely because the card got full and was thrown away.  She finds the church to be a loving and caring community and she will strive to avoid pressuring you to attend it in her blog.  Just know that it would be a great thing to do if you don’t have a church home and live in the area.

It seems you are getting quite a bit of information here, but it is now coming to an end.  After all, she is a blogger now, and you can follow her if you want to read more.


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