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I come from a large family, and I am so grateful that at Christmas I don’t have to buy a gift for everyone.  The last few years we have been regifting instead.  We choose a gift from among our own possessions to take to the gift exchange.  I’ve already noticed something in my garage that might be just perfect for someone.  Actually, two things.  It will be hard to choose which one to take.  

The benefits to this plan are many.  We save money and hassle by not having to buy gifts.  We get to think about all that we have and how we already have more than we need.  We share something that is ours, not an impersonal store-bought item. In my case, I can give a nicer gift from my own possessions than I can afford to buy new.  This makes me happy.

We open the gifts one at a time and play a game where the next person in line, usually youngest to oldest, can either open a wrapped gift, or steal one that has already been opened.  When an opened gift is taken, the person who lost it can choose a wrapped gift or take an opened one.  There are some rules for how many times an item can be stolen and such so that we are forced to move on if a gift is especially desirable.  As the oldest, going last has the advantage of all but one of the gifts are opened.  When the last gift is opened, the person who went first gets a chance to steal, and that is the last round.  It’s a fun way to determine who gets what and we are generally pleased with the results.  If not, we are ready for next year!

We also have stockings which we fill with treats and/or small gifts for each other.  

It really is possible to enjoy a Christmas celebration without expensive gifts that nobody can afford.