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It’s a Bad Time to Talk about Dieting

It’s less than a week before Thanksgiving and it’s a bad time to talk about dieting. However, in my opinion, every day is a bad time to talk about dieting. I quit dieting four years ago.

I realized that it’s not that hard to lose weight. What’s hard is keeping it off. After all of the sacrifices of the weight loss process, to see the weight just come right back has been a really hard thing for me. My idea was to learn to maintain my weight, even if it was not an ideal weight. If I can’t maintain my weight, why bother with losing it?

In this time I’ve watched others lose weight, and then see it come back, and I couldn’t help feeling glad that I was spared that go-nowhere journey. I have also enjoyed coming to a new season and finding the clothes in my closet from last year still fit.

I think what has surprised me the most is that it’s not hard to maintain my weight when I don’t diet. I was concerned that I was risking become heavier and heavier. Not so. When there is no diet on the horizon, no pressure on myself to lose weight, it’s like stepping off of the roller coaster and walking on the level ground. I no longer have a sense that time is running out and I should enjoy life all I can before the next diet has to happen. I also can ENJOY a dessert or a double double cheeseburger, rather than hating myself for indulging. I have found that this life with no diet rules is much less focused on food and eating. I do try to make healthy choices, and I’ll tell you more about that another time. For now, I just want to let you know that there is life without diets and I am truly looking forward to Thanksgiving next week!